Big CNC machine in Machining Large Parts

The new DMC 340 P/DMC 340 U by Deckel Maho (DMG) opens up new dimensions in the machining of large parts.

The bed of the highly rigid DMU 340 P does not require a foundation because of its three-point base. The machine sets new standards with regard to productivity and precision for complete machining of parts weighing up 16 tons. The machine can be deployed not only in tool manufacturing and plastic mold construction, but also for large part manufacturing.

The standard version of the DMU 340 P comes with an NC swivel milling head for universal 5-axis machining. A 59-hp motor offers spindle speeds up to 10,000 rpm and 210.2-ft/lb torque. As an alternative, you can purchase an NC-driven geared motor including b-axis. In combination with a pallet changing system (which can be optionally expanded to four pallets), this “standard machine” becomes a machining center DMC 340 U, for parts with weights up to 10 tons.

The new “Unimold” version fulfills all the demands of high-speed machining, especially for tool and mold construction. In this case, a header-spindle is available, apart from the standard NC-spindle with b-axis, with speeds of up to 30,000 rpm in pick-up mode.

The “Dynamold” version of the DMU 340 P, which combines two technologies, represents a high point for mold construction. In this case, the operator can perform roughing in the starting position of the spindle head.

Entry Mill from Fadal Delivers
High Torque, Spindle Speeds

The EMC entry mill from Fadal Machining Centersis designed for first-time users or for use in a dedicated application. The newest member of its Standard Series VMCs is built to provide higher performance for small parts machining in a small footprint.

The EMC features 12 hp and 7,500 rpm spindle speeds, as well as a large unobstructed work envelope with 8 in. of z-axis clearance (14 in. z-axis travel) between most tools and the table.

The EMC’s 40 taper spindle features a standard 12-hp inverter drive motor, and 15-hp VECTOR drive with the rigid tapping option, delivering 7,500 rpm with peak torque of 68 ft-lb for maximum performance. The xyz travels are 20 in., 16 in., and 14 in. respectively with 3-hp axis motors which deliver 2,500 lb of thrust for cutting speeds up to 600 in./min and rapids up to 700 in./min, which reduce cycle times and lead to increased profitability.

The Fadal MP CNC, featuring up to nine microprocessors working simultaneously, increases performance with fast and precise servo control. Dedicated processors on each axis avoid data starvation, and provide more processing power so that tool path accuracy is maintained even at high feed rates.

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