Household Mould

Description Of Household Mould

Name:Household Mould,Household Mold Moulding material:P20,2738,718,718H,2344,2316 and etc Plastic material:PP,ABS, PC, PVC, HDPE,PE, LDPE, PU, PMMA, PA66+GF and so on. Mould base:#45.LKM, LYM standard Hardness:28-50HRC Mould hot runner:YUDO,Chinese hotruuner, according to customers Tooling lead time:30-60 work days Mould life:500,000-1,000,000 shots Spare parts:Jinghong,HASCO,DME and etc Design software:UG,PROE,CAD Packing:Standard Wooden case

Picture Of Household Mould

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