PET Preform Mold

Constant technological improvement, technological innovation makes HYX MOULD the industry leader in PET Preform Mold. By offering the top quality solutions of PET PET Preform Molding to the market, HYX MOULD has won high praise from the market. It is because we know how, and we do what should be done.

  • PET Preform Mold multi-cavities mould design improvements.

HYX MOULD has more than 15 PET Preform Mold designers, we had the technical meeting by each week in the past 6 years, in the technical meeting, we improved to our ready made mould structure and develop higher cavities nr. PET Preform Mold, from 32 to 64, to 72…up to now, we have successfully offered 128 cavities PET Preform Mold and will continues to develop 160 cavities in 2010 year.

  • PET Preform Mold valve gate injection system R&D.

The hot runner system of PET Preform Mold is one of the key points, HYX MOULD has a very special PET molding valve gate system which can avoid material leakage…it can say one of  the best PET hot runner system in world.

  • PET Preform Mold cavities, cores and screw neck…components material selection.

We have special selection on the components material, and also do different harden or surface treatments. We use Stavax S420 for cavities and cores and DIN 1. 2083 for screw necks inserts…

PET Preform Mold

PET Preform Mold

  • PET Preform Mold components machining process.

we have invested more than 1 millions tooling machines from Europe and Japan which are especially for PET Preform Mold manufacturing. All the components of the mould will be made accordingly to our 2D prints tooling drawings, on the the drawing, there are tolerances, tooling process, material hardness…all the details. When the parts on the machines, it was measured to be sure the dimensions are meeting our tolerance. Before the components moving to assembling workshop, the QC department will make one more time measuring to be sure the dimensions are meeting the drawing’s tolerances.

  • PET Preform Mold’s components are interchangeable.

Due to the high precise machining and rigorous dimensions controlling, in our PET Preform Mold all the same parts realized interchangeable, and for so many components which are same in different moulds, we kept them as the stocks for faster delivery time and prompt services to our customers.

  • PET Preform Mold injection molding speed.

We considered the mould running speed from the mould design, such like injection system, guiding system, ejection system and cooling system. In one cycle time, for example 28 seconds, the cooling time take 12 seconds, for this reason, we have considered to make the cooling outside of the mould by one vice cavities group, on these vice cavities, we used chilling water on it. By this way we can reduce around 10 seconds for each cycle.

  • PET Preform Mold security system.

We have designed the electronic eye on the PET Preform Molds to be sure that if there is some preform has not drop down, the mould will not closed. Also there is stroke switches on the mould to be sure the ejection return strokes are correct. In this way, we kept sure that the mould will be long life running.

  • PET Preform Mold mass production simulation.

Before the moulds shipment, we take at least 8 hours mould mass production speed running on our especial PET injection molding machine, to be sure that there will be none problems when the PET Preform Molds arrive our customer’s workshop.

  • PET Preform quality:
  1. Water connections consolidated at the bottom of the mold, eliminating the potential for water marks on preforms.
    2.Variety of stack designs and surface finish options to allow each application to be optimized to meet customer’s specific needs.
    3.Special programs available when tighter than industry standard dimensional and/or weight tolerances are required
    4.Lowest cavity-to-cavity weight and dimensional variation as a result of best-in-class manufacturing machines and processes

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