HYX MOLD is a plastic mold company committed to the advancement of plastic mold through the progression to a higher state of development of materials and processing. This commitment is the standard by which all client’s needs are met.

It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s getting industry leaders, from manufacturers of autos to consumer products, to market ahead of their competition. 

It’s Hyx mold, an exciting new technology that replicates rapid prototype models for producing small to very large, complex prototype and production plastic molds. From the time the rapid prototype model is in hand, complete injection molds can be produced in as little as 2 – 3 weeks. Already revolutionizing the still somewhat infant industry of rapid tooling, Hyx mold can produce plastic injection molds, which include conformal cooling lines, and utilizes special techniques to reduce secondary work, such as ejection, sprue, runner and mold base, which further reduces tool building time.

The process produces mold inserts from a semi-solid polymer/steel compound that is formed directly over a stereolithography or other rapid prototype master. Hyx mold I™ has a very low shrinkage and is 300-400% stronger and more thermally conductive than conventional aluminum-filled epoxy and more abrasion resistant than 6061 T6 aluminum. To date, a single-cavity tool has produced over 18,000 parts without showing any excessive wear. 

Hyx mold I     100-10,000 
Is ideal for prototyping or low volume production. Similar to machined aluminum in physical properties. Time savings is usually 50% or less. 

Hyx mold II     10,000-500,000 + 
The big brother to Hyx mold I, having a surface hardness of RC 35 similar to P20. This new mold making process has 0 shrink, that’s right 0 shrink! And, can replicate a 2 rms surface. Lead time is similar to Hyx mold I. 

Hyx mold II+     500,000-1,000,000 + 
The ultimate in surface hardness up to RC 70. This process also has 0 shrink with the same surface replication as Hyx mold II and Quick turn-around. All Hyx mold molds can be conformally cooled. 

Dynamic Tooling has many different Hyx mold processes combined with over 100 different material combinations for both prototype and production tooling. Other mold making methods available are powder forging, machined aluminum, P20, H13, spray metal, electroformed nickel, and epoxy. Full service molding is available including 24 presses up to 700 tons. 

Hyx mold doesn’t have the size limitations of some rapid tooling processes. (For plastic injection molding quotes, please e-mail us with your STL, IGES file, or fax us a drawing at 559.261.0302.) 

Equipment and training to produce the Hyx mold inserts is available. 

As a leader in rapid tooling, HYX Tooling has been sought after by companies such as General Motors, DiamlerChrysler, Kodak, Nike, Colgate and many others, looking for solutions to a variety of tooling applications. Hyx mold has also been featured in Prototyping Technology, April ’98, Molding Systems, May ’98, Rapid Prototype International, May ’98, as well as proceedings from RP & M, ’98, ’99, 00, SME Conference papers, and Plastics Technology, April & May ’98, Mechanical Engineering, July ’98, Manufacturing Engineering, November ’98, Time Compression Technology, November ’98, Mold Maker’s Link, January ’99, and Time Compression, Oct. 2000.

With an eye to the future, hyx Tooling has exciting plans on the drawing board, but their first priority will always be to develop new tooling technologies for customers who come to them with the challenge of getting products to market ahead of the competition.

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